A few words from The Haccp Food Standards Book C.E.O – Mike:

Having been in the restaurant business for over 30 years I have come across and dealt with many environmental health officers. During this time I have owned over a dozen restaurants and always mainly worked as a chef and have always maintained the highest standards, even now with the star grading system have at all times maintained a 5 star.

Only recently I became fed-up with the pack/binder provided by the council, I was filling 6 different pages every day for all the referent requirements off daily record keeping.
Plus not enough information was on the sheets or was not in the right place to guild someone, so on my days off when staff would do the records they would often write the wrong information and would get the opening and closing checks wrong although its all there on a separate sheet in the binder. So on my return I would spent a good few hours going through each page and make corrections.

If you’ve been in the restaurant business for some while you’ll know what I mean by all of this, the the manual record keeping binder given by the council is quite hard to use and guidelines are sometimes quite hard to understand and follow plus you have to continually photo copy.

So been fed-up with all of that nonsense I decided to sit at my PC and create my own. My first thought was it has to be really user friendly so any member of my staff could fill the daily required record keeping without difficulty and save me the time on my return to work and make corrections for hours.

I put the entire daily required record keeping onto one daily sheet with information guiding the staff what needs to be done for each part rather than six different sheets. And wow to my disbelief I was amazed how simple it was for everyone, and guess what? NO MISTAKES “what a relief”

As a full-time kitchen worker myself I understand the pressure each member has to absorb in the kitchen and the required daily record keeping is a pain, and with this in mind I thought of making it available in the market place for my fellows in the same environment and make their lives a little painless.