The HACCP Food Standards Book


Food safety daily record keeping diary for all types of catering businesses:
Restaurants – Takeaways – Pubs – Catering Trailers – Guest Houses – Hotels

Want To Improve Your Food Hygiene Rating?

What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)?
There are 6 scores (0-5) the lowest score 0 stars means urgent improvements is needed with almost non-compliance with the legal requirements. The highest score is 5 stars means is a very good level of compliance that meets or exceeds standards. Rating are published online for customers to see. The sticker must be displayed in the front window of you premises.

Why should you care about your food hygiene rating?
The star-rating provides consumers with information about the hygiene standards in your establishment, allowing them to make an informed decision about where they can eat or shop for food.

What are the benefits of achieving a higher star rating?
Improving your star rating could provide your business with many benefits;

  • 5 stars is a great way to attract more customers and improve your business growth
  • Only a small percentage of businesses achieve a 5 star rating, so a top score would give your business a competitive edge
  • A high star rating can be used in your marketing materials to promote your commitment to food hygiene excellence and your high standards of food safety
  • A higher rating will be looked upon favourably when aim to win large contracts
  • A 5 star score can be used to gain the respect and trust of your customers

What we offer
The HACCP Food Standards pack suitable for all types of catering businesses. Food safety record keeping is an essential requirement by law all catering businesses have to maintain daily records off e.g. daily opening & closing checks, fridges, freezers, cooking & cooling temperature records amongst other required record keeping.

  • The HACCP Food Standards binder is the upmost comprehensive and simplest to use on the market
  • The HACCP Food Standards binder is the complete paperwork required to be HACCP & Food Safety Compliant
  • It has been created in a way that daily record keeping becomes effortless
  • Each required process is guided with regularity information
  • If the business maintains the diary as guided, it cannot be marked down for insufficient or incorrect record keeping.

Haccp Food Standards Book

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

£229.99 £179.99 +V.A.T

The Haccp Food Standards Book is the most simplistic food safety daily record keeping book, suitable for a new starter or existing business to gain and maintain a 5 star rating. Easy and effortless to fill daily record keeping, guided with regulations.


12 Dairy’s in one binder for a complete year! including essential signs for the kitchen. The binder complete to include your business, supplier and service provider details.

Whats in the pack:

  • Temperature Control  Guidance
  • HACCP Process & Steps
  • Daily Food Safety Record Keeping Sheets – (12 Months Worth!)
    • Opening Checks
    • Fridge Temperature
    • Freezer Temperature
    • Batch Cooking & Cooling
    • Re-heating
    • Closing Checks
  • Weekly Food Safety Record Keeping Sheets
    • Deep Cleaning Schedule & Process
    • Delivery Checks
    • Probe Checks
  • 4 Weekly / Monthly Food Safety Record Keeping Sheets
    • 4 Weekly / Monthly Review Checks
  • Staff Training Log
  • Managing Food Allergen Information
  • 1 x Official HACCP Food Safety Book Binder
  • Signs & Posters
    • 1 x A3 Self-Adhesive Restaurant Food Safety & Best Hygiene Practice Poster
    • 1 x A4 Self-Adhesive Raw Meats Cutting Area Sign
    • 1 x A4 Self-Adhesive Prevent Cross Contamination – Chopping Boards Sign
    • 1 x A4 Self-Adhesive How to wash your hands correctly Sign
    • 10 x Self-Adhesive Fridge Signs – (Numbered 1 – 10)
    • 10 x Self-Adhesive Freezer Signs – (Numbered 1 – 10)
    • 1 x Approved by The HACCP Food Standards Window Sticker – (exclusive bonus with this product)

Haccp Food Standards Book is the most comprehensive food safety daily record keeping management system on the market it has been put together by a kitchen worker, with kitchen workers in mind understanding their time constraints it has been design to maintain daily record keeping effortlessly, each required process is guided with regularity information.

Record keeping is essential and a requirement by law. As a caterer, keeping your records right and up to date is important to protect your business and your customers from harm. If your records and procedures are in place for keeping your business healthy and clean this can only enhance your business success and ensure you maintain a 5 star rating.

• This daily record keeping diary is the solution to maintaining your paperwork
• No more worrying about sheets running out
• Only takes a few minutes daily on a single sheet
• Very Simple, guided, step by step, to complete all the requirements on a monthly basis
• No reason for a health officer to down grade you for not record keeping

Each dairy is identical and very simple, guided, step by step, to complete all the requirements as listed;

Must Record & Sign Daily:
• Opening checks
• Temperatures of fridges & freezers
• Batch cooking
• Cooking & reheating meals
• Closing checks Other Requirements:
• Weekly deep clean
• Weekly delivery record
• Probe check record
• Staff training
• Monthly re-view your business

5 reviews for Haccp Food Standards Book

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ian Wynn

    Our cafe has lots of light meals so we are always needing to take items out of the fridge and make sure food is good for serving. we only pre-batch cook a few items such as pasta and cool ready for service time, the book works well as we also have lots of little deliveries to make sure include them in our record keeping as well.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave Reading

    It’s tricky with the pub as we serve pub meals as well, we are really a restaurant and bar combination this HACCP folder works for both aspects of our business perfectly well.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amed Khan

    A takeaway in Bristol, we always get caught by lack of record keeping this system will bring all of our storage and cooking right up to date ready for our next inspection to up our grading! Our team is really pleased.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Siobhan Neil

    Four our small B & B this record keeping book is perfect we serve evening meals on request and breakfast every morning, we have various fridges for cooked and uncooked food so this system works great for us.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sharon Westbrook

    This book I have really bought for my lazy staff to have no excuse for missing anything from the record keeping book for us to maintain a level 5, in our busy restaurant.

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